Evelyn Brace finally finished!

This cutie was such a problem child for me! The vinyl in her head split and left a noticeable dent on the outside even after i securely glued it inside. I was worried about compromising the vinyl anymore so I had to try my hand at painted hair. So unfortunately I will have to sell her as a booboo baby for much less than I normally would. But she is still so sweet and was a joy to work on until all the trouble haha.


Oh wow, she’s amazing…she looks so realistic!

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She is beautiful!

She’s beautiful! :heart_eyes:.

What kind of glue did you use to seal the split in her head?


Oh my, she’s sweet!

Her hair is beautiful, it looks so real and full!

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She’s beautiful!

Absolutely beautiful

She still so beautiful!!

Very cute!

Has anyone tried this stuff???
Vinyl putty from Macphersons it is used to fill in holes etc, not sure how it would work on a split though

she is adorable… wonder if you glued her inside and reinforced the vinyl with cloth inside , would give more support? My Dad built boats, and that is how you layer on for fiberglass… was thinking it might help