Etsy Closed (temporarily)

Etsy and I have a difference of opinion on what qualifies as an art supply.
They don’t want me selling sponges, so we are trying to work it out.
Meanwhile, I am busy adding to my Ebay store.
I can always send things outside of Ebay & Etsy too.


I bookmarked your ebay store, don’t like it but I will use yours cause you are Awesome!

Thank you Anne.
I’m not crazy about Ebay either, but until I have time to get my website up, that is where I’ll be.
Etsy is tough for me to use cause reborning art uses many supplies that are originally meant for other purposes.

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What! How are sponges not art supplies? That’s crazy! Well we all will buy from you through the forum. But that stinks they won’t allow that.

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they’re crazy.They should Google search sponge paint rollers, sponge stencil pouncers (or whatever their technical name is),…um how about sponge painting in general. I wonder what planet the Etsy people are from that they’ve never heard of sponge painting.


What about through facebook?

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I didn’t know you started an eBay store!! Glad to know now! Have you bookmarked in my favorites!! Good luck with Etsy

I think if I cut them or repackage them it would work. I told them what they are for and what I listed them as, but they still say if it’s primary use is for something else I can’t list it.

I do lots through Facebook. I do like Etsy’s page layout and the way you can add variations and keep inventory, but this hassle is a real turn off.

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