Ethnic question

I really wanna start branching out!! I’ve only done caucasion so far. I’ve had enquiries for bi racial and I think the ones that have been done are beautiful…but…is it hard? Is it basically like doing caucasion but with different colors? and what colors do you use for that? Thanks in advance for any info or tips

All skin is the biologically the same besides the color. So everyone blushes, broken capillaries and veins, As cheesy as this sounds, unless you can mix paints I’d start with…BB Ethnic Premixed Genesis Colors. Is basically the same and Caucasian. For darker AA you can add a touch of mars black.

And follow the same “paint by number” instructions. … tions.html
Ethnic pre-mixed paints … lse&c=1811Mars Black … lse&c=1811

You can always mix paints once you get the basics down. I use BB baby skin mixed with black and flesh 03 or 04 for desired skin tones, I make 3 shades and alternate for flesh highlights and shadows/creases. I add little purple into the vein blue for moulting and veins. I use a mix of warm and lip blush for cheeks, knees elbows, lips etc. Try to avoid adding dark flesh tones to the palms of the feet and hands,only add blushing. “Ashy” elbows and knees are not a desired look.