Erin Stoete....Oh My Goodness!

Why are so many beautiful new sculpts coming out when I am so broke? Have y’all seen this little angel? She is supposed to be available April 1st.


Oh my gosh! So precious! You guys are such a bad influence on me…and I love it!


She is so adorable!! Wow. Where do you purchase kits like that?

Dolls so Real. She is $109.95 and will be available April 1.

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I just got the email about her this morning. She is so dang cute! they have so many adorable babies that I want at D so R. I only allow myself one or two per year because they are so spendy.

I wish I had that kind of will power. :anguished: So does my husband…
Fortunately, she is not LE so I can get her later.


she has to take her place in line for me. I want Andres Chloe and maybe David first… And of course, I just got Katie-Marie.

Yeah, me too. :frowning: I want Gabriela Swialkowski. Which Chloe are you wanting? Timmerman or Murray?


Oh I saw her this morning too !! She is absolutely gorgeous . . … Unfortunately I have a line up waiting to be reborned before I can order anymore !! Wah . … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wow!!! Shes really a beautiful kit! I see these and try to tell myself I do not need babies right now. LOL!!!

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She’s adorable. I wish you could see her open mouth a little more. Wondering more about what it looks like inside.