Emmy WIP... my camera on the pro = terrible shots

Like I said. My picture quality sucks big time. I bought a Nikon that I need to learn how to use. Does anyone have a cool pix camera that they use and if so how do your pictures come out using it? She still has to have her eyebrows rooted and her hands and feet finished and more blushing.


I love your version of Emmy, can’t wait to start mine.

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Thank you

What size does she wear? and did she fit in your New Wave?

I had to stack extender rings. The vinyl is extremely soft and the face caved in. The limbs bend quite a bit too. I had to stuff the head to stop it from caving in at the bridge of the nose. She is wearing a size 2t in the picture. She can wear a 3t with room easy.

Oh, ok. Thanks. I may have to use my oven and clean it out. That’s how I baked my Tibby and Taylor , to keep the parts for bending and I could bake more at a time.

Cute baby can’t wait to do mine!
@Satinysilke I have a Nikon Coolpix B500 and do not know how to use it, lol! I got it for my birthday in 2016 and I’ve tried to use it but I am horrible. I am going to practice using it while traveling this summer and will keep you posted, lol. Good Luck and keep me posted as you discover new things with yours, lol!
This is the one I have;

Great job on Emmy!

Lol I’m the same way. I bought mine last year. Mine is the L340. Can’t use it boo…

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Thank you!

How is Emmy and your camera coming along?

Still haven’t had time to play with the camera.

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May I ask what size eyes did you use Emmy? Are they full blown glass eyes?

I initially used 24mm. Then I had some 26mm custom made for her.