Emmy the giant!

I just finished Emmy.

I want to say the the real life child Emmy is a beautiful creature. The babies in that family are adorable and the genes are strong.

However not a fan of Emmy the Reborn. It may be that I am just not capable of painting her the way she deserves. It was one of my most unpleasant reborn experiences. Don’t let me turn you off to it, I mean look at the prototype it’s beautiful. I think some sculpts are just not a fit for some people and working that big does not make me happy.

That being said the limbs turned out really nice and I don’t want to waste them (I am not selling this baby, her face and rooting and all of it, no bueno at all, it isn’t too terrible I am just not happy with it.

I could strip the head and start over but I am not sure I want to…

If anyone has a giant head they want to sell PM me. It doesn’t have to be 30 inches, in my opinion that head is way too big anyway, but it should be about to go with those limbs.

Has anyone taken out all the rooting and stripped a head that big?

Honesty she just looks so unhappy, she bummed me out.

If I can’t find a head I may make an alternative out of her.

Stripping… acetone or brush cleaner, which is more friendly on vinyl and for people?


I feel the same way as you. That head doesn’t do the real Emmy justice. I truly think the size is wrong. Watch the video of 5 year old Emmy with the kit. The doll has a bigger head than her. And she’s so beautiful and full of personality. But the kit just looks so serious. :woman_shrugging:t2:


I started on Emmy a couple nights ago. I was like this is work. I have to strip her head n start over. The head turned out darker than the limbs. Luckily I was only on the third layer. I may just throw her to the side for now.


I say strip the head and try again. I took an 8 month break from when I started my Emmy to when I finished because it was so overwhelming. I didn’t care for the head either, but, I LOVE the way mine turned out and I’m not a great artist by any means. You are way better than me. She ended up being one of my favorite in my collection. That being said, I will NEVER do another!!!


Yours turned out really cute. I have two to complete some day. one for me and one for my sissy. You ladies are really not motivating me to get started, lol


Sorry she is being so pillish for you, i have been fearing starting her for exactly the same reason. I have her in my stash, I keep avoiding her because I an not ready to tackle such a difficult kit. Also want paint her with air dry paints and since i have not used it yet, I certainly do not want to learn on her lol!


“However not a fan of Emmy the Reborn.”

I share your feelings and actually was surprised how 5 y.o. Emmy looked on video.
Realborn Emmy always look so sad to me, like she is ready to burst with silent tears. I always want to hug and comfort that kit.
The only Emmy that I liked it’s the Emmy that was posted here a couple of days ago.
She was done beautifully and look very lovely.


I have Emmy and can’t wait to paint her, I love that face!


Do they ever sell Emmy heads?
Its such a pain to strip and shave a head. Id use acetone because it makes faster work of stripping but make sure you either do it outdoors or near an open window.
If you haven’t glued the hair it should come out pretty easy, Ive half way rooted heads several times only to decide I hate the hair, pull it out, and start again.
If you did glue maybe some of the hair will come out that way and since its fresh you may be able to get it out with hot water.
I am also not a fan…I didnt buy her but I came close. Im going to start passing on kits I don’t like instead of buying them because buyers might like. I thought I wanted Asia Brace but now that all the prototypes are out I have changed my mind. Like you …I need a kit that I like or it saps all of my creativity and joy. I just can’t properly paint a baby I don’t feel happy about…its a miserable experience.


you did a great job! something went wrong with mine, can’t put my finger on it, I just tried too hard to give her depth and now she looks like an ogre.

I guess I have to strip, don’t want to waste the limbs.

I really like yours, worth the work.


I think I have an extra Emmy head if you want it. But I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted something totally different.

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I will totally buy your emmy head, I don’t want to strip her and pull out her eyes and hair…it makes me feel mean.

If you find it and can live without it let me know.

I don’t know what other head could go with those limbs…I looked online, toddler that size is hard to find head only.

PM but no worries if you change your mind.

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I’m curious to see your Emmy. Maybe you can save her for a month from now and see if she looks better to you then?


Nope it she is a total smash up.

It’s ok, sometimes you just make a bad baby and that is ok, you learn no matter what.

It’s a test head. So it’s extra. Tomorrow I’ll check to see if I still have it. If I do, you can have it for $5 plus shipping. I’ll make sure it’s not flawed though.

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Your Emmy has something special about her, she is one of the best I’ve ever seen.

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Thank you! :two_hearts:

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That would be awesome, not hurry.

You are the best!

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She has such a somber look on her face. I tried very hard to make her as close the the prototype as I could. I will say I’m having a blast buying clothes for her.



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