Emmy seconds available, hurry

Guys, Toddler Emmy seconds are available!!!
There are also test heads on sale right now, HURRY lol

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They are sold out. (heads)


That was super fast!

Poo, but there are also Emmy heads and legs in the seconds parts. I almost grabbed them too, but there is no way in heck I would ever find arms for her lol.

Her whole kit is in seconds…

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I put some test heads in my cart and they still show there even though they aren’t available anymore. Do you think they would end up unavailable once I actually place the order?

I assume they will not be there when you order. make sure you check it

I know, I grabbed the kit, but I think it may have been even less money to piece her together!
@quiltsabunch Usually if you have an item in your cart before it sells out it will still show its there, but when you go to pay, it will notify you that the item is no longer available and then it adjusts your total.

I’m not going to bother ordering right now then. There are only a few other small things I want right now so I will just wait to get them when there is more that I want. It costs $30 to ship to Canada and then I get charged a $10 fee on top of that from the post office. So for $40 I need to make a big order to make the shipping worth it.

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I feel the same way. Except I get charged 30$ at the post office :confused: It doesn’t happen every time but the majority of the time it does

I took them out of my cart and they didn’t show up back on the website so I guess they would have just said unavailable when I tried to complete the order.
@MilosMeadows is the post office fee $30? or is that the fee and tax together? I also get charge tax ontop of the fee, but I would expect to pay tax anyway.

I’m not sure exactly, but I believe just the tax. I expect it, but it’s just so inconvenient especially because I don’t make a ton on my dolls and can really only spend what I make back which is almost nothing. So combine that with the 30$ bb shipping, the 40$ minimum order and whatever it is that I want to buy. I just can’t afford it. I normally order from Macpherson’s for that reason. But this time I need paints and the only place that is reasonable to buy it is bountiful Baby. MacP’s sells genesis paints but the jars are so tiny for the same price that you would pay for more at BB.

she is still available, i just ordered. Finally spent my bday money from may. :wink:

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I want to love her. But I’m having trouble doing so. She doesn’t look like the real Emmy to me. Her face is so expressionless and her eyes are too wide. The real Emmy is beautiful and full of expression. I wish they had done a better job capturing the real Emmy. :confused:


@Katinafleming I think so too, but HAD to order her simply to see her size in person. I am worried that there isnt even a way to paint her to look less… Dull?! She will most likely end up as my daughter’s to dress and fuss over. Lol

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As a kid I would have absolutely loved her! :heart:️️

Right, puts “My size Barbie” to shame

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