I could have sworn I saw the 20" Emma kit in the Gallery last week. Did I??? Is that kit even still stocked?

I just looked. She’s there. $49.95. Click supplies then put her name in the search bar. Much faster than going through the entire gallery.


Not a realborn. Maybe I have the wrong name. It was a 20 inch - here is one I made years back.

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Thats Ember.

They still sell Ember but she’s out of stock. You can sign up to be notified when she’s back in.

I think I have her in my stash. I’ll look tomorrow. If I have her, I’ll sell her to you for $20 plus shipping.

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thank you

I have her. Message me please. :blush:

Do you have a pic of her and is it just the kit or body, too? Would you be willing to take a check for the doll + shipping and ship her when my check clears?

Check is fine. She’s a second kit. I think I only paid around $13 for her. So how about $20 even? That should cover shipping.

And I can take her out and examine her later.

OK and she is not biracial, is she? Send me your address and I will put a check in the mail for you.

@judym you should take your address down and send it in a pm instead.