Eloisa by Andrea Arcello arrived

I got home from college just in time to receive this package! She was waiting for me when I got to the door, lol. I’m not a fan of her in person, but her limbs are very detailed. Will try pacifiers on her in a bit.


I haven’t gotten mine yet, but so far I’m glad I only ordered one. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Who did you order from?

MacPherson’s! They shipped quick :grinning:

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Dang! I haven’t even been invoiced for the balance on mine from Irresistables.

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Mine is on the way from Macphersons

Me either


I must say I am glad I did not get that one.

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I love this kit, especially when she’s sucking her thumb, although I will say she’s not the loveliest flower in the bouquet without any paint. lol


I am not very impressed either, not even from the prototypes but I got two, one for a customer and one to sell because people love babies that can take a full paci.


Exactly why I ordered. I know she will sell.

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the mouth looks very much like the Middlton thumb sucking play dolls. I am sure kids will like them and some adults. IMO the Bonnie Brown TwinA thumb sucker looks much better. Not such a round hole.


I was a little disappointed when I saw her. I tried a full pacifier but it didn’t fit. I might have to see if a preemie one will fit. Or maybe another brand. I tried soothie for 0-3 months.

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I’m guessing she’ll take preemie, since she’s a preemie herself. I don’t have one on hand to try. I must say, her thumb fits great-- I really like her limbs.


I won’t like rooting her head but its typical German vinyl…hard head, lovely soft limbs. I also love all her detail. I got the belly plates which are a bit odd looking but very detailed as well.


Got mine today. She’s washed and ready to be painted.

I didn’t realize she was a preemie :slight_smile:

…and I apparently didn’t order her body :frowning:

The color is different fo you think she needs neutralizing washes?

I think she will need neutralizing

I got my invoice today. I’m having second thoughts now. Decisions decisions.