Ellie sue for sale

I have Ellie sue by Bonnie brownI can’t do her so I’m selling her for 70.00 plus 8.00 flat rate shipping padded envelope in us

Ellie sue by who?

By Bonnie Brown you have to varnish her kit before painting her

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I thought it was hers. Just double checking. Why do you have to varnish first?

Because the vinyl from spain

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It tells you how to prime her vinyl on mcpherson

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I dont think I did and mine painted fine with GHSP

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Mine too! She took paint fine and I absolutely loved how soft she was. She’s a great kit.

I may be interested if she’s still available.

She is and she has her body and neck ring too


Please send me a PayPal request.

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Just to let you know the vinyl sticky why you have to varnish her first

I need your name and address I will ship in morning

I’ll send you a dm