Ella's visit to the Doctor!

So, My mom took me to the doctor today. Because I haven’t been feeling well all week.
I took little Ella with me, And the doctors and receptionists were surrounding me and holding her and loving her! They were amazed that she wasn’t real! When I told them that I was just a beginner, And wasn’t very good, They wouldn’t believe me! It was so amazing having people going crazy over her like that! It made me feel a lot better! Of course, I’m still sick. But that made my day!


What a great way to turn a crummy day around! Hugs. Feel better!

Definitely! A bunch of them asked if I had a card lol. But I don’t, I have one made but not printed out yet

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Print them up girl!

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I don’t have a printer at home, So I’d have to go to the library. But I don’t have any money right now so I have to wait.

That’s awesome!! Get well soon

Get well soon, sweetie. :sunflower: I’m sure the staff loved your Ella, after all, she doesn’t get sick. :smile:


Thank you :heart: I just got back from picking up my prescription :slight_smile: So hopefully I start feeling better the next few days

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The grass is green outside your window. You HAVE to start feeling better soon so you can enjoy your summer time. Get well soon. Glad your Ella was such a hit.

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Lol, True! But it’s seasonal allergies so… It’s the nice weather doing this to me! BUT It’s a lot better than the snow! That’s for sure!

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That was a super cute story!! I know, this year my allergies Re kicking my butt!!

Mine too. This is the first year that I’ve had them too :frowning:

That’s awesome! Hope you feel better soon. :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

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hope your feeling better soon