Ella Elizabeth PIF

Has anyone else started their Ella Elizabeth? I seriously LOVE this challenge because there are SO many challenges in this one little orange baby :smile: She is teaching me so many things and allowing me to solve problems that I just haven’t seen before! I’m thinking anybody who came late to the party, like ME :wink: should be required to complete an Ella Elizabeth before they get to do any of the Bountiful Baby kits! Not sure you can even appreciate the blank slate they provide.

My kit also smelled like she had been stored in a bar…before the smoking ban :blush: There’s another challenge!
The vinyl is stiffer which should provide a challenge inserting the eyes and there are a number of tiny little dark pin points that don’t show up until the skin tone is lightened.

It’s hard to put expression into written word so I hope this doesn’t sound like complaining. I am TRULY enjoying learning so much and the more I look into that little face, the more I think she is PERFECT!

I’m saving one arm and leg to take a pic of the difference between “naked EE” and “neutral EE” :smiley:


I had no idea when I got them how they would be. They were advertised as new in package. So if there are imperfections, I am sorry. I guess that adds to the challenge. Just work with what you got and hope you can “Make Her Pretty”. :wink:


Oh, I LOVE this!!! Honest and for true❤️ It makes her extra special and making her is a pleasure. Doing it with new friends is the most special of all!!!


Michele, you opened up a wonderful and fun PIF! I’m excited to be included and Miss Ella was definitely new and in her original bags. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU👍


By the way, I will be drawing for the last kit tomorrow, so anyone that still wants to enter, go to this link. :grinning:


You are welcome. Have fun with it. Those old “ugly” kits are a challenge. :wink: