Eeekkkk so excited!

So I bought the Summer Rain kit, she has the same expression I had in my newborn pictures, so I HAD to get her! I am on my way down to BB to pick her, Kaelin, and some bodies for my newly finished Byrons up. And I am sooo excited. I am new to reborning, and have yet to reborn a realborn… Any tips??


I am jealous that you are going to BB! LoL!


Jealous too! I want her she has the same expression as my youngest in several of his pics. Need dolly dollars! lol :stuck_out_tongue:


I sadly didn’t make it down in time before they closed. I waited for my husband to SLOWLY get to the car, an we made it down after they closed. So I have to go back again tomorrow. Oh well. I like 30 ish minutes away from BB, it’s a nice quick freeway drive for us. And it makes for good same day pickups. This time, I ordered all my supplied Andean some today, for a few kits I have in the making, so pickup is better for me. I love the Summer Rain kit. She is one I plan to make for myself. I am making Kaelin for my daughter, she will be a display doll for the vintage cradle I am refinishing for my daughters room. I wanted to order two summer rain kits, but I was pushing it with my orders already lol.


Sorry that you didn’t make it in time before BB closed but like you said you’ll be able to get Summer Rain and the rest of your order tomorrow. You are so lucky to live near BB!!! I’ve been looking at Summer Rain for days before she even became available and then when she did become available I fought the urge to buy her because I’m expecting three pre-orders of mine to come due but…tonight I just couldn’t fight it anymore. I broke down and ordered her a few minutes ago. OMG she is so adorable!!! I’m so addicted to reborning and to the beautiful life like kits available!! Love Love Love Summer Rain!!! I am sooooo excited!!! I love the fact that she has full limbs too!!! I’m just picturing all the adorable summer outfits I can dress her in!!! I can always cancel one of my pre-orders. :heart_eyes: :baby: :footprints:


I have been eyeing her, and am so so so happy she was released on payday. Lol. The only reason I was able to squeeze her into my budget. I haven’t done any preorders yet, although I found a few I’m dying for. I bought her a belly plate and back plate, she will be used as the baby to model the infant clothes I make, if she goes right lol.


Whhhaaaat?! I wish I could just drive half an hour down to BB! Do they have a walk in store?


No, it’s a warehouse, but you can walk in, and pick up your order if you’re local! Saves on shipping. I went a little overboard, I was driving for Summer Rain, and came home for 5 kits. :see_no_evil:

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