I really like the sculpt, BUT she has to be done JUST RIGHT, to really strike a chord with me. She’s the next one I’ll be working on. I FINALLY just sold my sugar at a price I’m just sick over, but I realized, I might be a bit biased and she may not have been all I seen trough my eyes, so I lowered my expectations…quite a bit :confused: ANYHOW, if you’ve done an Eden, I’d love to see your version! Thanks

Just a tip I have not done an Eden but if you will go to search up top and type in Eden it will show you posts with her name and some of them will probably be the ones some of the ladies on here have done!!

thank you!! That was quite helpful actually

I am actually working on her now. I will post photos when she is finished

Here’s my Eden i did 3 yrs ago

Here’s mine.

Still need to fix the darn orange eyebrows
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I just finished my Eden. Sorry, no pic. I still have trouble posting pics on here. I think I did a good job on her, but she just isn’t all that cute. My daughter suggested I turn her into a boy, so I did and I think I like “Aiden” better! The facial features just seem too smooshed in a big head to me! I bought 2 of them, but i’m quite sure I’ll try to sell the other kit.

My problem with Eden is that I received a kit with obviously too thin limbs. I still don’t know if they were the “first generation” of Eden limbs that got changed later, or some other Marissa May limbs (but didn’t recognize them on her other kits). They are beautifully done with lots of detail, but they don’t really work with that big fat head!

HaHa! I agree!

— Begin quote from “New Beginnings”

My version.

I love this baby as she can wear so many outfits that are just too big for the newborns.

— End quote

lots of the edens ya’ll have shared with me have been just too cute. This one for example, is done “just right” lol. Seems like the eyes have to be set perfect or something or she just looks bored or somethin, lol. Anyways, what size eyes did you use on this one? And do you have a more “right in her face” pic of her? She’s a cutie!