ebay question

I have probably missed the answer to this question but I am new to ebay as a seller. How many things do I have to sell so they will not hold my money for 21 days?

Thank you. One more question does it matter how much the sale was for?

Ty I will see what I can come up with to sell to get to my 25. I think I might have sold 5 babies now. I have a long way to go.

That’s what I get for not looking at the small print. I thought they did that forever. I keep thinking about selling other things but time goes flying by. I threaten to sell the kid but never follow thru on it either! Maybe if I threaten to sell one of her books, she will take me seriously and clean her room!

Oh now you know you only threaten Cait. What would you do without her? She keeps you sane and on your toes.

— Begin quote from “Debora Jenkins”

Oh now you know you only threaten Cait. What would you do without her? She keeps you sane and on your toes.

— End quote

Your little granddaughter is just adorable! I love her tutu and it looks like she had a great time.

Thank you, she did until she messed up and then as soon as she was finished she wanted to go home. She was embarrassed. She was the youngest one performing. They let her in a 4 year old class but she won’t be 4 until end of March 2013. She was wonderful I took over 20 pictures in one song and the only reason I did not get more was my camera had to process. It kept saying busy. I took over 100 before she was 24 hours old. LOL!

Your cumulative sales need to be over $250 in lifetime sales.

25 items sold
$250 in total sales
in good standing with feedback and ebay

either or? then I am there.

From Ebay:

While you gain experience selling on eBay, access to funds from buyer payments may be delayed to promote successful fulfillment. Rest assured this is a temporary situation. As soon as you meet all of the following criteria, payments from your buyers will generally be available immediately:
It’s been more than 90 days since your first successful sale;
You’ve had more than 25 sales transactions; and
You’ve had more than $250 in total sales.How can I get my funds quickly?

To access your funds as quickly as 3 days after eBay can confirm delivery, we recommend that you ship within 24 hours after your buyer pays and print your shipping label on eBay. With eBay label printing:
Tracking information is automatically provided to eBay
You get discounted postage rates (the eBay label printing service is FREE)
Funds for shipping will be available to you immediately (up to $15)

Keep going Deb, it won’t be long and you’ll have your 25 sales. Shoes that are just sitting your the closet. Jackets, Vases, Books in the bookcase. It adds up really quick. AND ask your buyer to leave feedback as soon as they receive your item. It speeds things up!

Oh my I might sell a lot of things but not my shoes. LOL I have a love of 4 inch stelletos, my husband loves them too so I have them out of most colors and open toed, closed toes, peep toes. I own 100 pair of shoes or close to it and most are either cowboy boots or high heels. I never have but 2 pair of work boots at a time. I have to have mine custom made pretty much. I wear a 5.5 or 6 in ladies or 3.5 or 4 in kids. I have found one company who makes boots to fit me I call them and they dig the small patters and molds for the soles out. I have 3 other girls at the base who wear the same size, so we usually order at the same time to get a bit of a discount. The only color I do not have is silver or gold I do not like those on shoes. Just my opinion. Like I want only solid color towels and sheets. Ok I maybe OCD but it works for me. Sorry this got to be a book.

You have to have all 3 requirements, I am getting closer, just made sale #10 today… Only 15 more to go. I have some books I need to post, I am thinking a penny plus shipping. Just to get my numbers up.

keep going Deann I will get there.