Ebay non payer question

I “sold” a baby last week. The winner contacted me after days saying that she would pay. Then excuse and more excuses. I blocked her and reported her for non payment… Now What? It’s still showing as sold and awaiting payment. Am I supposed to remove that or will I hear from them (It’s been several days at this point)?

I seriously don’t know why/how people have the time and inclination to do stuff like this. :rolling_eyes:

It should have told you when to come back and close the case.If it has been several days ,go back to the case and see if it has the close case option yet. Ebay will not charge any seller fees if they did not pay and you can relist if you have not already.


Basically what MaryJane said. I would suggest requiring immediate payments on your listings.

The case is still open. Looks like I opened it on the 13th, today is the 15th… How long will this drag on?

What do you do, @specialmoments? Just say that you require immediate payment in the listing?

I’m not sure how long the case will last. There’s an option or like a check box in the listing to require immediate payment.

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It’s located very small lol under payment options.

Edit: Oh I see you can only do it for BUY IT NOW!


I believe a case stays open for 7 days from the time you open it.I don’t wait ,I relist and put the non paying buyer on my block list.In my listing I state Buy it Now requires immediate payment and Auction Payments Expected within 24 Hours.Most people that are serious will contact me if they need more than 24 hours so I know they are serious and I will wait a couple extra days on them.I had one nit wit to buy one and then contact me to say it would be a month before she could pay.I cancelled the sell to her and relisted.That’s why I do the immediate payment on the Buy it Now option.I do more Buy it Now listings than Auctions for that reason.

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