eBay new policy?

I sold my biracial baby Monday night on eBay, and mailed her Tuesday morning via the post office, Priority Mail with insurance. The number the post office gives with insurance included is now the tracking number also. I have used this in the past, and had no trouble uploading the tracking numbers to my buyers. Since yesterday morning, the tracking numbers would not upload, and after about 10 tries in 2 days, I finally sent an email to my buyer and gave her the info. I called eBay and they told me that since the tracking number is also an insurance number, they no longer upload it, but I will have to send it to my buyers in an email. Is this something new?

I printed my postage through eBay to make it easy on myself. It was slightly more than USPS because eBay has its own insurance provider and there was a small up charge. The problem I ran into was that after I printed the postage, taped the box and attached the postage part, it went over the weight I had printed so I took it to the post office and wanted to just pay the additional amount. Well - the post office couldn’t calculate the new amount since the insurance was from a different source so I borrowed scissors and tape and opened the box and took out the bottle of conditioning spray and brush (which I had not said was included) and reweighed the package to get it under the 7 pounds that I had paid for postage on - taped it shut and mailed it. It was a royal pain in the tush. It is interesting to know that if the package is insured and you did the postage and tracking through USPS, that you can’t upload the tracking number to eBay. YUCK! I guess they want us to use them for postage.

I’m beginning to think that eBay is doing it to get us to use their service also. Thank you for the response. I just live 2 blocks from my post office, and I do not have scales to weigh my packages, so it is easier for me to use USPS.

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I always print my postage through Ebay and it is always less than through USPS site or Post Office. Ebay has a place to change the insurance to USPS insurance. USPS now includes the first $50 of insurance free.

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I will look for the spot to change the insurance the next time!