Ebay low prices

Was looking at ebay reborn prices 98 % are under $180 in fact under $100.
Those of you who charge over $200 on ebay how well do you sell yo ur doll?.
Also are words" vinyl silicone" a word draw to get more people or are some part vinyl… part silicone?
I didnt think silicone mixed with anything but silicone so didnt think is was a combined product

Most descriptions saying vinyl silicone are actually fake kits :slight_frown:

I have seen a few places that are legitimate sites… state it this way but I think they are different countries. They actually mean soft vinyl.

I thought most were from china but see so many now I wondered.1 lady from NJ i think had it in her ad but she had 9 of that doll so maybe shes a distributor for china ?

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Silicone and vinyl don’t mix. I am pretty sure vinyl could damage silicone. Think I have read that either here or on DF. For that reason I don’t put my silicone babies where they will touch my vinyl babies.

Puppen traumland in Germany is a legitimate company and they also sell kits that they call ‘silicone vinyl’. I think that may be where the Chinese fakers got the name from.

Wow cant even touch?
Yes i saw silicone can only mix with silicone even making them think you need a silicone form too.but i wondered if they were doing silicone head then vinyl limbs who knows?
I dobt keep up in the new doll things i guess i should know whats going on

The ones that advertise ‘silicone vinyl’ or ‘vinyl silicone’ are usually from China and used to state that somewhere on the listing. Now I’m seeing a lot of Chine kits that say they are located in Cranbury, New Jersey or North Brunswick, New Jersey so be cautious.