Ebay locked me into a sale

Not knowing a lot about ebay and not having a lot of experience, I tried the 0.99 auction. My baby only got up to $78.00 and I cannot end the listing, so I have to sell it :frowning: I am beyond upset about this. He got an offer on my nursery page for more. I wish I had know better what I was doing.

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You can end the sale. Ebay has this option

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I can’t. I tried. They said I had to sell it to the highest bidder to end the sale :frowning:

Has the listing already ended?

No. It ends in 6hrs. I have another offer for him for more on my facebook. I don’t know what to do :frowning:

Usually you can end an auction early. Maybe eBay has a cutoff within a certain amount of hours where they won’t let you end. I took a screen shot on my eBay of some kids toys I’m selling. It has 21 hrs left and has the option end the auction. This is on my Mobil device.

I think you can end it… unless they changed something. But I’m thinking there must still be some kind of way. What if you lost the item, broke the item?

I did this with an auction one time. When it only went up to $150 with free shipping, I was so disappointed. I get double and triple this amount all day long everywhere else, so I will never list with Ebay again unless it’s BIN. Hopefully I don’t even have to do that because their fees are too high.

Can you try to cancel all the bids and then end it?

It has to be within 12hrs. I have to let it end and approach the buyer with a cancellation. I haven’t sold it to the other person facebook yet, but I am tempted to sell him anyway and tell the ebay buyer that he was sold, but I couldn’t cancel the listing.


Called Ebay. I had to end auction by selling the doll to the highest bidder, then I could immediately cancel the bid before the buyer paid. That was too much stress. I am done selling on Ebay. I haven’t had success there since I started and I was only successful because I let the dolls go at boo boo prices because they were my first :confused: Thank you for your support. Good luck to all those that are doing Ebay sales! :slight_smile:


Glad it worked out for you!

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So glad that you figure it out! I tried to list on mercari since I’ve read about that site (never heard of it before) on one of your post’s discussions.We’ll see…

If you don’t want to accept low bids on auctions, you need to list auctions with a reserve. The reserve amount is the lowest set amount you’re willing to take. If you start the doll at .99 but you want to get at least $150 for it, you set $150 as your reserve amount, and if the auction ends at $78 the person with the highest bid will not win the doll, and you can re-list the doll.


I had this same issue and I let the doll go to the buyer anyway. But my Question is where do you apply the ‘reserve’. ? I was unable to find the option.

The Reserve selection should be somewhere in where you select your sales options. eBay keeps changing their sales template and I haven’t used the new one much yet. Sometimes, other selections like Reserve are in a menu you have to click on to open the options up.

Thank you. I have looked everywhere and cannot find it. I will have to do some more ‘research’. It must be there !!!

It sounds like they moved it and now it’s hard to tell where it is. Hopefully someone has used their newer listing template more recently and can tell us where it is.

Ridiculous really, it is an option that should be front and center. But I guess a sale may be missed out on if reserve comes into play. Just saying . :roll_eyes:


Yeah, it seems they have hidden a few of their features lately. eBay is not what it was a decade ago.