Ebay buy it now

I havent sold my dolls on ebay only other places but was wondering about the Buy it Now .
What do they charge if your doll doesnt sell.?
If i remem ber correctly years ago use to be a percent of what your asking just as if you sold it
Same now?

I’ve sold 4 dolls on ebay. All were auction style with BIN option. They all sold through the auction. Three of them didn’t sell the first times they were listed and I wasn’t charged anything. I was only charged after they sold. It was 10% of the sale and shipping cost. I don’t think you ever pay unless they sell, although I keep seeing things about insertion fees and listing fees. I’ve never been charged any of those though.

I had a doll listed n it didn’t sale. They charged me 5.00.

Auction i know no charge but buy -it -now is different.
$5 .Thanks for the info…