Ebay bidders with 0 feedback

Somebody bought one of my dolls recently, immediate payment but I noticed that it is a 0 feedback account. which was opened in July 2009! Ouch, I wondered why would anybody open an account almost 7 years ago and wait all this time just to get my dolls. Hijacked account came to my mind; people look for doormant accounts and then hack them …

Anyway, I posted her and today I got this message:
"We recently received our Lexi for the purpose of a dementia doll for our Mum. She took to it immediately and is totally in love with her, although a bit concerned that she doesn’t seem to eat much or open her eyes. The staff at her nursing home have been wonderful, even purchasing a stroller and baby clothing.

Last weekend we took Mum and her baby out for lunch. One of the waitresses was admiring Lexi and commented that she was so perfect you would think she was a doll!!! She was most embarrassed when we told her she was. "


You never know who is behind ebay. We blame buyer however I noticed recently in our reborn world that people they have a kit for a bid…reborn friends bidding to make it high …half hour before bidding ends they retract the friends bid…and ebay automatically notify the higher bidder…and I noticed same name… they may be here as well…

As a seller if I would see that a bidder has retracted 5 times her bid in a month I would just cancel the bid.

Buyers has to build somehow the credits and if nobody sales for them how this is possible???

Humanity is jealous, greedy etc.this is why there is no more trust and dose few honest people get treated very often very bad.

I am so happy about this good story of yours



Your story about the baby you sold makes me so happy. Some dementia patients, and nursing home residents never get to see children of any age. Our reborns can have a very positive effect on the lives of some of these people and it sounds like hers was welcomed and very loved.
I’ve had people with 0 feedback bid on and win some of my reborns and have so far had no issues with them paying. Some of them have had Ebay status for a number of years just like yours did. They could have been buying and not received any feedback during that time. The ones that really make me nervous are the 0 feedback people who are brand new Ebayers…as in only a few days! I try to remind myself everyone has to start somewhere, but I do check their background and ask that they contact me before bidding. And if something just doesn’t feel right, I can always cancel their bid. That tends to make the honest ones contact me and I can get a better idea if they are serious bidders.
So glad all worked out well with your sale!


I’m one of those people with an ebay account that has been open for a while now and I had never sold or bought anything. I finally bought a tiny baby 4" custom partial sculpt last week. It was a buy it now option so I figured she’d accept the order when she saw the money was there and I sent a message too at the same time answering her questions about sculpt preferences. Looking forward to receiving it. Ebay scares me as I keep hearing horror stories.

Thanks for sharing your story. Very sweet and quite the compliment about your work!


I do not normally panic about 0 bidders, most of my problems were with people who had hundreds. Although dormant accounts can be problem, but usually the problem is with transaction bit bigger than a doll; like plasma TV or something like that. usually, the worst that can happen with 0 bidder who opened account recently is that they do not pay, which is a bother, but only minor one.


What a lovely, heart warming story. It made me smile. Thank you for sharing xx


0 rating Ebay-ers have to start somewhere…my only stipulation is that they contact me before bidding…because I feel that if they are willing to take the time to contact me…they will be a serious bidder.

Your story is wonderful and heartwarming…so glad they got your baby!!!


What a great story, Ludmila! Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

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That story prooves that our worst fears are not always realized, and sometimes people who seem questionable are not. There are bad folks out there, but for every crooked one there are hundreds of honest ones. This was a nice way to start the day, Ludmilla. Thank you for the sharing!


That is wonderful. I was recently criticize by a costumer because I didn’t block the buyers with 0 feedbacks. I think she just wanted to buy my doll very cheap to resale it. I ended up blocking her because she kept sending me nasty massages. However, she was kind of right. :smile: The person who won the action had 0 feedback and ended up not paying, but that happens. We all started with no feedback. I have people that send me messages of how much they love the doll and never write a feedback. I’m so happy you didn’t let 0 feedbacks scare you, and that lady got her doll.


What a lovely story, @ludmila ~ made my heart smile :heart:


That’s a sweet story congrats !