Easton, ohhhhhhh, EASTON!

Wondering if he’ll EVER be back in stock…I’ve been waiting FOREVER!

Me too. I have wanted one for ever so long and he just never seems to be restocked. Is he a sculpt that no one cares too much about? I wondered because I have seen others be stocked and restocked a couple of times and he is still sitting in the Needs Restocked pile. What gives?

I’ve been wondering, too ~ I LOVE the Easton sculpt and hope he comes back.

all smiles here! :hatching_chick: I’m getting my Easton by the end of this week if the mail delivers correctly :thumbsup:

You ARE!!! Lucky YOU!!! Were you able to order through BB or did you get him from another source?

LOL no no no not from BB I traded a sculpt for Easton :slight_smile:

Oh! LOL!!! Well, I thought if you got it from BB and I had somehow missed out on him, I was really going to be upset with myself because I watch the site like a hawk and I’m always looking for that email telling me he’s back in stock…the email that never seems to find its way to my inbox. sigh

Good for you, though!