Easton - 6 Mos

I am currently painting Easton - 6 mos. His head is huge!, size 17-18. I don’t want to root this big head. I could paint it. However, I have been trying to find a wig this size. I am unable to do so. Does anyone know where I could find a short, brunette wig this size?

17-18 is really hard to find. I think 16-17 would work. If it doesn’t you can always return it.

on Monique.com there are a couple of 16 -17 wigs on clearance than can work for Easton. I put a wig on mine as well. :slight_smile:

ETA: There are 2 that would be appropriate for this doll for $12.50. I paid $30 for mine with postage and everything.

You are probably correct about the wigs, but Easton was my first doll. She is now Sylvia (named by my grand daughter). Her wig is beautiful, and it was expensive. It is cheaper to root – if one knows how. But, I didn’t and still can’t. But, I have had people come toward me asking about my babies hair! It is shoulder length. A little too long and thick for a 6-month old. :slight_smile: But, I love her anyway.

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