Easter Swap - what to include with baby?

What do we include with our baby? Onesie, paci, blanket, whatever we want? I have no clue :smile:

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Surprise your partener :)… Easter eggs …chocolate 's


I will, but I don’t know what is required. I don’t want to do too much or not enough.


I think it is probably whatever you feel comfortable including…Some ladies might put more money in the clothing and less in other things, some my put lots of little bits and pieces in…I don’t think there are any rules as it is the baby that you are swapping, not the accessories. Some ladies who did the last challenge (and this challenge as well) who sent international had the extra cost having to go into the shipping so they may not have included as many extras but actually spent as much or more than others in shipping which allowed international artist to be able to participate…so it is sort of what you want to do and what you can afford to do…As long as the baby is in there…that is the main thing…(all the other is nice but left to you as to what you want to include…) :smile:


I plan to spoil my partner ROTTEN! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not sure when I’ve had this much FUN! :smile:


Well the swap is for the baby not the layette…that being said I think a reasonable minimum amount of extras would be outfit baby is wearing, an extra outfit, blanket and maybe a few accessories.

You can always do more!!

You can talk to your partner about whether you find like new items acceptable or would prefer new with tags things and how much stuff you want to include. But keep the specifics of the layette a surprise!