Dull Needles

I was just wondering if there is a “rule of thumb” regarding the length of time you should use a rooting needle? I am on my 3rd head, On the first head I broke 4. On my second I only broke one and finished up with the needle I am using now on my third head. Do you just use a needle till it either breaks or??? Do they go dull??? guess that’s what I was wondering.
What’s the most dolls you have done with one needle?? Anyone?

It all depends on the thickness of the vinyl as to how many needles will break or dull. If after two heads I still have a needle survive I will usually replace it if the rooting process slows down due to the needle not picking up hair,


As long as you are picking up hair with almost every “poke” you can stick with the same needle. I have done three heads with my latest needle and am intending to use it for a fourth. I don’t think there is a rule for this. Some of the needles are much stronger than others and last much longer.

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Thank you ladies, I love gleaning all the info you so readily give. It is so nice of everyone to help out those of us who are a bit newer to the process, Great info and very helpful.

German forked needles rarely break- I think on about 30 heads I have had only 1 break. Just fyi.


I was breaking needles constantly until I changed to the German forked needles. They are definately a great product.