Ducklin kit is here!

I’ve been waiting and waiting for my pre-ordered Ducklin to arrive. I had an instant vision of him when I first saw him. He’s finally here but I have a zillion things to do before I can start working on him and I know as soon as I open the box, everything else is going to get put on hold. So, I’ve been sitting here telling myself ‘Do not open that box. Do not open that box.’ I tried to be good but I can’t stand it anymore, so now, I’m going to go open that box! LOL


Yay!! Open the box and take a pic for us!!


I got mine today also and he’s adorable! But he does have like a cone head, his head is very long in the back :smile::smile::smile:

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I just ordered him 5 minutes ago. I couldn’t resist that face.

LOL! That is exactly what I thought when I took him out of the box! But look that that face and his limbs are perfect!!

There’s a Ducklin on Reborns already!

I saw it!! Rooted and all. How in the world did she manage that? :grin:

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Somebody here said they got theirs a week ago. He is just the cutest thing. I love his limbs. I can’t wait to start him.
@alexiaxoxo do want a picture of the blank kit or finished? I’ll definitely post pics when he’s done.

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That makes more sense. Otherwise his artist would win any contest for speed that would be held. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I have no idea and know I couldn’t do that lol

A week to paint and root? LOL! That’s not me :sweat_smile::rofl:

I use air dry and could probably do it but it wouldn’t be cured.

I can paint a doll fully in 3-4 days working non stop all night (I’m usually asleep during the day and up all night) and I can root a small newborn in 3-4 days so a week would be a bit of a rush for me but I could probably do it. But if you have a job or any other life responsibilities it wouldn’t be possible lol

I got my Ducklin, you weren’t kidding about that head!