Drying rack suggestions

I need a better drying rack.
I currently have the collapsible bottle rack that tends to collapse :tired_face:

Any suggestions? I tend to do two kits at a time.

This is what I use, has more than enough space for 2 dolls on it. It’s super stable and rotates which is helpful


The rods don’t fold over when limbs are on it?


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Nope! Have 3 and they are AWESOME!

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Dang!!! These are like 10 dollars at target!

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I bought something very similar to this at the Home store. But if you look through kitchen cup rack there are great options that may work very well.

I also built this with supplies left from my workshop in the basement.


I am by no means a carpenter, but I also needed one drying rack. I build myself a painting station with two collapsible wings that can extend to 50 in” when I am painting, of course, with a drying rack. ( This wasn’t my complete idea. I saw a version of that for a “Mobile Miter Saw Stand” on April Wilkerson youtube, and I adapt it to my Reborn Painting Station). I took advantage of my grandson’s bunk bed wood that was ready to go to the curve trash pile).


I use a plain old piece of plywood , with wooden dowels put into it lol and a large box with metal rack things lol


I use the same one that @MilosMeadows @Nikkiroc uses but for bigger babies I use a box with foam inside and dowels stuck down in it, lol! I like the wine bottle idea though.


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I have 2 of these I use. I got them for $16.99 each



I had one of these and gave it away before I started reborning :tired_face: