Dropboxand reborns.com

can I use Dropbox to add photos to reborns.com? :heart:️ also, is the rule that one doll can be listed every 24 hours OR after midnight does that count as a new day?

You don’t need dropbox…just browse to the pics on your computer. You have to wait a full 24 hours to list another doll.

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Amy, the pics are on my phone!!! My computer is down for the count until I get a new windows software. And my tablet takes the worst pictures! That’s why I wondered if I could use my phone to take pictures and use Dropbox to load to reborns. @AmyR777

You have to be able to browse to the pics so as long as you can browse to dropbox then that will work.

Maybe I should email don? I don’t know!’ Is don his name? Lol

David. :slight_smile:

Can you use the tablet to post on Reborns? Then you can browse to the pics there.

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Let me try :heart:

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Kim, mine are showing up with a weird iPhone border…?

Kim, how do you post straight from your phone? I have a Samsung. Maybe I can do it but I don’t know how. It would save me a huge step if I could.

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@Nikkiroc I just went to reborns to see Helena Jane. She looks so cute on there and I’m sure she’ll find a home, but you need more pictures! Put her in different outfits and pose her doing things! Toddies look best when they are busy. I told my husband that I wished I had the money to buy her since she is my namesake, LOL!

BOL and hugs from Helen Jane.


@nikkiroc I used my phone because the pics on my tablet wouldn’t download. I can make edits from my tablet but have to use the phone to add pics. Hope that makes sense. :camera:


thank you Helen!!! I was just trying a few pics to figure the site out:-) I’ll do more today since I can use my phone!!! @Blissfulbabies thank you!!! I’ll try that! Yay!!!:smiley::heart:

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I wish I could just give her to you Helen:-( maybe I can if my others sell!!!:heart:

Where is the add pic thing? Lol

Thank you Kim!:heart:

Thank you for such a kind wish, Nikki, but I wouldn’t accept. I will take a picture of her though, but don’t worry, I’ll just capture it off of reborns.com. Then I’m going to make a file with out two class babies together side by side in their sailor dresses. But of course, that’s assuming I ever finish mine!