Where do you find beautiful boutique clothing or is there anyone who specializes in clothing making? Just thinking ahead for my work.

I do evil bay. Plug in the good names like Petit Ami or Little Me -used clothing. I have a closet full of expensive dresses for little money. You just have to be a dedicated watcher. Little boy outfits also.


I need to remeber ebay, lol.

Still have these! I’ll take offers. http://discourse.bountifulbaby.com/t/vintage-boutique-clothes-fs/61157/7

I work clothes for babies (I did not do the baby) so I want to learn how to make babies to use them as therapy and to be my models.

I do not know what I wrote sorry I’m learning english


Beautiful clothing!

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The outfits are beautiful

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Thank you

That dress is awesome!

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These are beautiful outfits. How long have you been sewing and crocheting?

I have been looking for the right terminology all day! More like formal or pageant style I believe.

sewing almost 3 years, chocheting 5 months


Wow!! You’re doing great to have started so recently. :blush:

Newborn ans preemie size are nor popular! Everyone is 3 or 6months!!!

The size would make sense to me, not too many people would put these types of dresses on a newborn. Not very comfortable for a tiny one. Maybe you could look online for “formal infant wear” or something like that. Good Luck with your search.

The skin of a newborn is delicate, that’s why we usually work with 100% cotton fabrics or lighter fabrics such as linen. You may find satin clothing in smaller sizes with Chinese vendors.

Awww I see!

Lol back to cotton!:):joy: