Dress for Skeeter

Can someone make me a simple flowing dress for my fairy? Preferably in white/silver/ivory tones. PM me with your thoughts and price.

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Judy she is beautiful…I know there are some sewers on here…hopefully they see this and help you out.

Thank you Cindy. I couldn’t get good color with the air dry paints on that awful gray vinyl. So I decided to make her a “snow” fairy and used a “vanilla” acrylic paint, then pounced over with a shimmer “pearl” paint and sealed it. Now I need a dress that will compliment my theme.


She’s soooooo pretty, Judy! Hopefully someone can make her the perfect dress – can’t wait to see her in it!

Thank you, Karen.

She is beautiful. Hope someone can make you a dress for her. I know I had problems painting the fairy I got with air dry too. She is a yucky blue right now waiting for me to try again. Love your babies and your setup with the crib!

thank you for your kind words, DJ

What kind of dress are you looking for? Do you have any pics of what you like or want? What color fabric-Like an ice blue? What kind of fabric? Thanks Julie

Julie -
I don’t want too much frill. I don’t really care what style it is - Maybe a satiny type of fabric in an off white or an iridescent? I would actually let you use your own judgement - something to compliment her coloring and hair.

She’s beautiful Judy. I’m finally working on my Skeeter.

Do you want to pick the fabric? That way you know you like the fabric. I don’t mind picking it I only have walmart to buy fabric. Julie