Drawn on eyelashes?

Do many of you do this method? I tried this with my first doll and I like them but I just haven’t seen any other doll with this type of eyelashes. Opinions?


They look nice…I rooted all my babies. The only time I might draw eyelashes is on an opened eyes baby but I only draw on the bottom and I root the top.


For yourself I think it is fine. Customers will probably expect rooted eyelashes. I drew lashes on my Kimi. She is going to a young girl and it might be tougher to root them on her. I thing they look pretty good…


They look great @LisaLynn :+1:t2::+1:t2:

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Thank you everyone. Not planning on selling any time soon if at all. I am looking more towards just a hobby on the side.

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I drew them for my daughter’s reborn

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I do them drawn if I am advertising as child friendly.I have actually had many moms tell me that is the only thing that ever went wrong with their child"s reborn is that they rip the lashes out or off.

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