Draken Eyes

Question for anyone who has or will be doing dracken. eyes that came with him are huge. 28mm flat. no way they could fit. got some eyes from a lady that does custom eyes who was working with the sculpter for eyes that fit better and these are also huge. 28mm oval
I measured the eye opening and it is only 20mm. with only 2mm around the opening for the eye pocket in the head.
So what size is everyone using. so confused as to the size. they do not.look like large eye opening to me.

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He takes 25mm eyes, I asked Sarah when I was looking at eyes for him.

We bought the ones Macphersons is selling especially for him.
They were very very hard to get in but we got them in while the head was hot, I don’t think we’d ever be able to get them back out. Ever. Lol
They were very flat glass eyes

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okay. thanks for the input. not sure why I was sold 28mm eyes from two different people. inow have four.pairs of 28mm. i will mever use they are hige. guess I will get the one from irresistible. they do look very hard to put in.

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What a shame, those eyes are awesome!!!

Could you not return them? Since you were sold the wrong size.

I was told by the lady who made this.amazing eyes to dremel the white until it fits. may give this a try as.they are awesome in person.

Will you be selling them?, I have some dinosaurs they will work in!

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yes I would.be interested. these will not fit so if someone could use them great.



how much are wanting?

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