DOUBLE New Release ~ Blake Awake AND Asleep!

We have exciting news!

We have TWO new releases today! Blake Awake AND Blake Asleep are now available!

Blake is so adorable! Blake is our first Realborn that can take an unmodified pacifier or bottle! His cute puckered open mouth will bring to life memories of sweet little baby talks and those precious moments with a new baby sucking on their tiny little fist. Blake has such amazing realism that will remind you so much of a real baby!

Blake is a full limb baby who is about 18 inches long when completed. You can find both of his amazing kits featured on our home page now at:

The real baby Blake is such a precious little guy who made the most captivating expressions! You can see images from his newborn photo session here: Real Baby Blake. You can also see the most amazing video of the real baby here: Blake Real Baby Video Footage.

We are really excited to see all of the cute photos of Blake yet to come! He’s going to be such a fun baby to photograph, with so many bottle and pacifier options!

You can make him yours here: Blake Awake and Blake Asleep.

Bountiful Baby!


@ShawnP :heart::orange_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart:


Hi Shawn! I’ve missed ya!


Welcome back. Leilani did take a pacifier but it was hard to find one that fit snugged. I even tried a 12+ month pacifier to get a better fit. Hopefully this baby’s mouth is better.


Glad to see you back Shawn!


Waiting on him to go on sale so cute I want both so cute

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This is a seriously open mouth.

Told myself yesterday I was going to wait… Didn’t really need another kit right now lol. Long story short I’m not a good listener and I have a sleeping Blake on the way! :heart::rofl: Excited to see this little cutie in person.