Dose anyone reborn in Vancouver BC?

Hi all!!!

Just wondering if anyone do reborning in Vancouver, BC or suburbs. I enjoy this art form and would be so much fun to meet someone with the same interest. Maybe we could meet some days, have a hot chocolate or coffee, snack and talk about our reborns, changing ideas etc. etc.
I know some people that are really good artist but on the other side of Canada!

Happy reborning!!!

Sorry, I am at the other side of the continent almost to the ocean in Virginia. But I wanted to say, I went to Vancouver once back in 1977 as a young woman and was so impressed by how clean and beautiful it was. Flowers and no trash! That was before US cities started doing their projects to make them more appealing. Just a very beautiful place and outside the city, it is amazing!

I do know of a few people from Canada who reborn and I will be happy to pass your inquiry on - hopefully you’ll find someone who is nearby!

You guys are welcome to Vancouver BC.bring your baby’s and let’s meet!!!
I think is so good when some ppl. From the forum can meet.I made a friend true this forum. Grace from Kamloops BC. We e-mail and talk by phone. There is a 4 hours driving distance between me and her but I am going to visit in MAY. I am so ready to bring my pains and my reborning staff. Have some rebornbaby time together is person. See each other’s work etc. etc.