Don't make the same mistake UPDATED 6-25-12

If you have your own website MAKE SURE you register your domain name !!!
I knew nothing of this and now my domain mane has expired and I can no longer use it !!
I am SO UPSET right now !! I have business card, t-shirts, banners, yard signs, window decals, car door magnets, you name it I have it with on it and now it’s all useless !!

REGISTER your domain name !!! I don’t know anything about how to do it, but find out and do it !! Before it’s too late for you too.
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Marcy, I was looking at GoDaddy to see what they would show. They said it is already taken. Underneath that, there is a link for Whois. I clicked on that and it brings up info with VistaPrint. Maybe you can contact them for some help. I assume you used them for your business cards, etc. They might be able to help you out in some way or at least direct you to some place that can. I remember when we all helped you come up with your nursery name. It would be a shame to lose it.

I was on the phone with Vistaprint for an hour trying to get it all straightened out. They said it is expired and unavailable for 60 days. When 60 days is up I can TRY to use it again. At that time, IF I get it, I will then have to register it with godaddy so I can keep it forever.

It is so upsetting to think that important information like that is not made completely clear to the user. I am in NO WAY a computer genius and had NO IDEA what was involved.

Live and learn (and learn as much as you can along the way !!!)

If it is unavailable to anyone for 60 days, just make sure you keep track of time and start checking a few days early to see if it is available yet. That’s the problem with some of these companies. They don’t tell you the little details that make a big difference! In the meantime, do more research and let us know if other things have to be done. I don’t plan to have my own website but I’m sure others do or already have them. You just had the bad luck to be the first!

I get a Domain Registry of America bill every year telling me when mine expires. The prices to renew are anywhere from 35.00 for one year or 60.00 for 2 and 120.00 for 5. Need to get my bill sent in to make sure mine does not expire.

OH, Marcy, what a bummer! Once you have your own unique name, I can’t imagine losing it, especially with all the work and $ spent on it. I hope those 60 days go by fast, no one else registers it, and it becomes your permanently!

Register your domain with
They will never let you lose it.You even can get an website, not expensive, that you can built by yourself.
I have yahoo for years, for me is the best.
Go to, small business.

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Register your domain with
They will never let you lose it.You even can get an website, not expensive, that you can built by yourself.
I have yahoo for years, for me is the best.
Go to, small business.

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What does it cost to register with Yahoo and what does it cost per month (or year) to have your website?
What is your web address? I’d like to check it out. Thanks ~

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Oh goodness…I had no idea any of that. I am so sorry that happened to you. Makes me even more leary to get a website going. I’m so glad you shared it with us, though, so we all can learn from this unfortunate experience.

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Yeah, I wish someone else had shared the unfortunate experience that I could have learned from instead.

I have set up as a temporary fix until I can get my old domain name out of hock. Please visit.

[size=14]Praise the Lord my website is back and my domain name is safely registered !!![/size]
Here’s what happened: I had a website with vistaprint named I opened a new website with vistaprint and asked them to name IT maikenbabies .com and cancel the first website. UNbeknownst to me, the domain name was "pointed "at my new website but still “registered” with my cancelled website, therefore when the domain name came up for renewal it was dropped because it was associated with a cancelled website.

Through 47 hours (exagerration) of phone calls back and forth between GoDaddy and VistaPrint, it is all straight now.

FOR FUTURE REFERENCE: When you get a website thru VistaPrint, they “own” the domain name and will automatically renew it each year. The monthly fees you pay cover this renewal charge. If you want to “own” your domain name, you must get vistaprint to release it to you and you must register it with someone else, then you are responsible to renew it.

I am glad this happened because NOW everything is CLEAR. My website is called , the “owner” is Vistaprint and it will automatically be renewed by vistaprint until I decide to “buy” it from them.

AHH I feel much better now. Long Live WWW.MAIKENBABIES.COM !!!

Thanks Marlen, I am so happy too !!

Marcy, so glad it all worked out. I know you were disappointed.