Don't forget the July baby contest

The theme is patriotic.

By the tenth??


Must be a BB sculpt…

Hi everyone I hope you all have had a good weekend! I have had a hectic one and with a slight family emergency. The 5th I got a call from my cousin asking about my Dad he said he heard daddy was sick in the hospital. Well just in case it was true even tho I was to meet them for a family thing in a couple of hours. I called Daddy’s phone which is always on. No answer. I called mom’s hone no answer. I called sister no answer. I got no answer from anyone so I headed to the hospital and discover it is my uncle who is in the hospital, they are about to do emergency GI surgery on him, not Daddy. Well all at once everyone else checks their phones and all start calling me back. This uncle has recently been diagnosed with COPD. My Uncle is doing good and Daddy is fine but this all messed up my day! I did not make it home until late. I did call my cousin who lives 5 hours from me to let him know he had the wrong uncle and give him an update.

Come on ladies - let’s get a nice group of photos to vote on! It’s so nice when lots of members participate in the contests

bumping up the contest notice page – today is the deadline for entry!

Ty Ginney I have only 2 entries this month.

Come on ladies - lets dress the babies up & just for fun take some photos to enter - I know I’d love to see some of your work!