Don't do this

Sam was looking beautiful, really starting to look very real.

And then I accidentally baked his limbs at THREE 65

Sorry Sam, I guess you will have to be a cuddle baby


Oh no what a disaster, so easily done.

:flushed::astonished: NOOOOOOOOO…! Lol

Oh. No!! So sorry for you!

Ack! I’m so sorry that happened! Thanks for sharing so we will all remember to be extra careful.

Oh gosh, so sorry that happened :confounded:

I am so sorry! :cry:

Oh no. How frustrating. This is why I use air dry. I’d be heartbroken if I melted any baby, but especially a LE or one of the more expensive ones.

Oh no! I am so so sorry this happened :frowning:

Oh man I would seriously cry. Poor Sam.

Aww :scream: I’m so sorry!!

I’m sorry that happened. I know what it feels like.

what a shame…I melted a head once…I cried.

You may be able to save ?? Any chance ? Did you tried ? Isn’t going to be for sale but good for a keeper etc.

Heat again and stuff it with Polly fiber or fill it with water ??

Just an idea

Oh nooooooooo!!! D8>

:slightly_frowning_face: I feel your pain. That happened to my Larry Blick head once.

Oh, I’m so sorry. :disappointed:

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its just too destroyed. its all shiny.

The head is OK though, so I will be able to make a cuddle baby