Donna Lee's Silicone Prototype

This is Donna Lee’s silicone prototype. He looks alot like Asher.

Here is the link: … 0744761884
These are a few pictures of my Asher (vinyl kit) which she reborned.

very nice work!
I didn’t know a solid silicone baby could be made, thought it was just the mold itself…pretty impressive she created him from “scratch!” Some people…so talented!

I think I read somewhere that she sculpts them after her children when they were babies. For me Emmaline is my favorite. I went to her site to buy her but she was already sold so I bought Asher instead.

WOW! Her work is amazing…I glanced at that first pic and thought it was a real baby:

SO CUTE…and so realistic, too! I love yours in vinyl, too…so precious!

Her husband did the micro rooting on the silicone. Her son does some sculpting and has some kits of his own. He has done some work for Ashton Drake. The talent runs in the family.

Amazing talent in that family! Gee. I’m lucky mine can start the lawn mower. LOL

Karen u so funny

He is so sweet I wnat one

— Begin quote from “MaryHere”

Any body want to guess how much this baby will go for?

— End quote

The auction still has 3 days to go and it is at around $3,600 now. I’m going to guess $10K, but I won’t be surprised if she gets alot more since that other silicone sold for around 22K.