Donations needed for IRDA conference

We are planning to hold a raffle at The IRDA conference and are looking for some donations
If you would be willing to support IRDA- and can donate anything for the raffel we would be very greatfull
PM me with your donation and I will send you the addy -as always thank you wonderful ladies here at BB for your Generousity!!!

Any thing that we can raffle off- to both reborners and/or the public who visit the show hall
Any thing Knitted or crocheted like a stork sling would be great-of course a reborn ( of any size -even a 10 in would be great!!) baby outfits ,prop pillows ,doll kits, reborn start up sets (or stuff to create one )-Rooting needle holder,OOAKS,A baby quilt ,A gift card to a store or restrant, a stuffed toy , A baby hair set with brush /comb and head bands /bows ect,faux bottles and pacies set,
OR anything you might have thought of that I didnt!!!
We still need & raffle prizes and a door prize that we are hoping can be a Reborners start up set with kit /paints ect…
Thank you for any help you may be able to give -times are hard for so many right now that even a very tiny gift is worth alot now a days!!!

Cher -

I sent you a PM.

Carmen M.

Thank you Carmen for you support !!! See you soon!!!

This is for the International Reborn Doll Artists Convention that is being held in WalnutCreek CA. on June 3-5 Stephany Sullivan is President and their website is for more info.
The raffle will go towards the costs of holding the convention as these events are very expencive to hold and we are determined to have a really nice conference even if it is smaller than we had hoped.
We are having a door prize also that well be a reborn start up set with kit body paints brushes ect…for this I really need small paints set GHS- and was hoping someone had a 10 in baby and body we could uses for this-or maybe a small cheep RDK kit-If anyone is willing to help we would be greatful.