Dominic awake ( prototype )

I love him , one of the prototypes : Dominic awake . He is adorable …save your money for the kit .


Omg. Soooo adorable.

I want him!

:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I will be getting him

OMGoodness!! He is gorgeous. He looks like my now 13 year old when he was a baby :heart_eyes:

this is another must have kit along with Joseph awake emmy and priscilla oh my got to save save save lol

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A must have. Marie did an amazing job

He looks Biracial/Spanish…I love his color! I wonder what his prototype will go for

Reminds me of Dominic by LTR

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Sure does!

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He is frigging adorable… He is a real beauty!

Very sweet baby

Cant wait for him!!

I love him!!! OMG! I was sad I missed Presley, and this sorta has that feel. Can’t wait! Wow! So super adorable! Love those eyes, and slightly parted full lips! So so cute!

Wow!! BB is coming out with a whole boatload of awesome new stuff!!! Can’t wait for him, and little awake Joseph!


I need him too, lol!

Have any more pics to share? <3

Love :heart:️ him!

he is adorable…not crazy about the photo with that tummy plate obviously
out of place :astonished:

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He’s so cute!! I need this kit!!!

Too cute, I have to get this kit !!!