Dolls So Real Spring SALE

Dolls So Real is having a Spring cleaning sale-kits, clothes and other stuff with an additional 20% off with coupon code SPRING19. Sale ends 3/31/2019.


I saw. There’s a kit I want but by the time shipping is added it’s cheaper to buy at Macpherson’s even with the discount :confused:


I never order anything from them yet. Do the charge flat shipping or it based on weight or amount?

Based on shipping method. To ship a kit to me is 50$, for eyes and hair or anything that fits in an envelope is 10$. It would be cheaper to you in the US


I’m not sure. They advertise that they use real time shipping rates with no hidden fees. One 19" kit would be $16.17 to California. You can check the shipping by putting what you want in your cart and then going to checkout. If it’s too much, you can just empty your cart.

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They are really awesome to order from, very friendly and helpful!

I agree. i order things from them all the time.

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I like that they have USPS shipping offered. I use this method of shipping so Im not charged extra taxes like with fed ex or ups (Im in Europe). I get my Eyeco eyes from them and Ive ordered a few other things as well, I got a cute little gown last time with a matching blanket.

I have ordered from them quite a bit they are pretty much my go to for eyes when working with open eyed kits I like their LP eyes they offer .

When I started reborning she was one of the first online stores I ordered from back in 2002-03. Excellent store to conduct business with.