Dolls so real mohair

Has anyone purchased mohair from here before? They have a color I need, but I’m curious as to the quality.


I haven’t tried the mohair, but I have tried the human hair which was great. Which mohair is it? Some of it looks okay and some of it doesn’t


It’s this one

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That doesn’t look as nice as some other mohairs. I wouldn’t use it unless you were really desperate. It looks very fuzzy


Ty I thought so too. I will wait on delta dawn to add more. I’m still new to rooting so sometimes the pictures kind of throw me.

It might be okay with a leave in conditioner but I wouldn’t buy it.

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Check out Jen Mason (Quirky Chromatist) on FaceBook. Her mohair is awesome and the packaging is perfect to not waste a single strand. Price is great too.


:blush: thank you

She also handles A Plus Mohair.

I think that they made have “split”?

Try sugargliderus here on this site, she will dye mohair any color you want. I would not touch anything so frizzy as the pic you posted.
Or try Angora Mohtique

what you see is the lot you get, and they list new lots every few days usually

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But I would, nice for Alternatives!

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Another point, mohair always looks lot lighter when rooted, so look for something shade or 2 darker than what you aim for.

Ty very much that helps a lot. I just found the color I wanted and realized it wasn’t as straight as I hoped. I did see a darker color with a slight wave that would work. Thank you :smile: I decided to go with angoramohtique.

Mohair also roots straighter; slight wave can be comb out to be pretty much straight