Dollar Tree inventory very low

I was at our local Dollar Tree on Wednesday. The area to the right when you first walk in is usually filled almost to the ceiling with boxes of inventory waiting to be put out. There wasn’t a single box there. Inside, many of the shelves were half empty. I asked the checker if they’re going out of business. She said no but if they can’t get inventory they may have to.

Got a feeling it’s going to go from bad to worse too.

I hope im wrong…but i dont think i am.


Nothing is looking good these days, it’s scary. I’m really concerned :disappointed:

When BB announced that they were having issues getting their kits in now I figured we are going to start seeing this in every aspect of other goods as well.


I was in Meijer yesterday. The shelves were getting bare. My son works at Toyota. They are having non production days. They cannot get parts.

We have a Toyota and had to agree to non-Toyota parts for brakes- and still paid three times the price of the same work four years ago. The dealer just did not have the Toyota branded parts.


I took my Escalade in for work in 2020. During a test drive they lost a hubcap, so they ordered another. It never showed up, so not long ago I had to order a knock off just to have the bolts covered. :roll_eyes:

Dollar Tree in Edmond, Oklahoma are over flowing… Boxes of merchandise that haven’t been opened. The clerk said the truck delivered yesterday…


Thats some good news … :relaxed:

Overflowing in Grents, NM too!

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Ours is doing ok. There were no spray bottles last week when I went there looking for one. The lady said they don’t order things, they receive whatever they get and put it on the shelves. The corporate decides what they get. But there are no bare spots on shelves.