Dollar Tree finds

30x30 soft and cheap! Perfect for shipping babies in. Not to thick not to thin. They are soft and fuzzy, worth 1$ IMO


Totally worth it. My Dollar Tree doesn’t have these. I was going to get them online but you have to buy a whole case (36) and I only want the pink, blue and multi colored and I don’t want a whole case.


Still wort it . To wrap baby in an extra layer to keep it protected the cookie dose not matter

Sometimes when you get those they need to be run through the dryer on fluff after being boxed up, but they are perfect for shipping babies.

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I bought a case of them months ago. Thankfully.

They are super nice for 1$

Darn my dollar tree never has blankets! Just bibs, pacis, and washcloths.

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Going to check mine out! Thank you for sharing!

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I bought all that my DT had…cant go wrong…


I don’t think my Dollar Tree has these. I’ve been getting all of my blankets at our local Goodwill store. The flannel receiving blankets are only $.59 and the thicker nice ones are $2.69. I’ve gotten some very nice ones there.

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I love the baby blankets from the dollar store! Sometimes the dollar store doesn’t have them but I have been lucky to find them! I like the soft fleece ones. They have a nice warm feeling to me. :grin:

My local DT doesn’t sell blankets anymore :frowning: I didn’t know you could buy them online by the case, lemme guess 1 color per case?
Our local store has pacis in minni/Mickey/TMNT/paw patrol/doc McStuffins/Daisy/donald/goofy/SpongeBob
Plus bibs and bottles in the same themes as above.
Diapers in 3 packs of Huggies or 2 pack of honest company
Plain color onesies
And that’s about it for baby stuff. Lol

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It looks like all 4 colors are in a case online.

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My dollar tree never has anything cute like that…no fair :cry:


Same I don’t know why they do that dumb ish

All 4 colors come in a case. In my case that’s what I got. All 4

Every time I go in I grab a few, pinks and blues.

My Dollar Tree has never had baby blankets. I went in there today to ask if they ever get baby blankets and, whoo hoo, they had them! They had 8-pink hearts, blue hearts and animal print. I left 2 for somebody else.

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