Doll show questions

For those of you that have to fly to get to doll shows that are vendors, is it cheaper to ship rather than check extra suitcases to fly with you? Which is easier?

The last show I went to, I shipped all my stuff there and back, I don’t remember the actual cost because it was about 4 years but I also did it so I wouldn’t have to get every thing checked and bomb residue tested in tsa

Do they do that for checked luggage?

The the year I did the Colorado doll show and the first Utah show I took my babies in checked luggage. TSA opened them and did not rewrap them carefully. There was no real damage except for some crumpled eyelashes that had to be replaced before the show. The subsequent Utah shows I have shipped ahead and it is much easier. Peace of mind knowing they won’t be opened and examined, and going through the airport without an extra bag is much easier. Having to pick up 2 checked bags and push/pull them along with my carry on and other miscellaneous things to a bus or rental car was exhausting.

Thank you for your insight. That makes a lot of sense.

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