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Hello, I would like to know the best way to travel with Reborn dolls purchased from doll shows? I know most people drive to these shows and travel is not an issue, but there are always those people who travel from far places. How in the world do you travel with a reborn doll bought from the show? Check them under the plane? Carryon? Have the seller Ship after the show? Is there a shipping station at the shows?

How is TSA :woman_shrugging:

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I would suggest to do the search in this group as that question was answered there several times.

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I take a large tote bag with me that I can fold up in my suitcase. When I am done at the show any purchases I have made all are wrapped in blankets and put in the one tote bag and go on the plane with me. In my case it is always blank silicone dolls I am toting. My only experience with this is coming back from Kansas but they are always ready for it because there are tons of people who have flown out ahead of me with dolls and they have seen them all. So the TSA people just do it quickly and nicely there. In Atlanta, Hartsfield airport it is super busy and crowded. It takes longer there to leave with a doll (I have flown once and taken one of my partial silicone babies with me on the plane). Even though it slowed things down, it was doable and they just take little pads and scrub the dolls in different spots to see if they are picking up any hazaadous/flammable/etc. type residue that could be of danger on the plane. They test the little pads with the specimens they collected either in a computer or with little drops of solution on the pads that change colors. Once done, they give your baby back and off you go. Keep in mind your bag with baby/babies must fit on the floor under the seat in front of you or up in the overhead baggage compartment.

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Bring them on the plane. I think they’ve seen everything. I explained and the guy ask me to take it out. He just wanted to see it.