Doll show in Orlando

Hi amy mandy Julie nice to see you again and nice to meet Julie your babies are beautiful I was checking out all the booths And a little shopping heres some pictures of what i bought

<img src="/upload<img src="/uploads/db4141/original/3X/9/9/99267f5ee76a55ca6303f6091296d7a39d1a505a.jpg" width=“375” height=“500”>s/db4141/original/3X/9/9/99cadfcf9658e18e2c3cf4b3736b8c23eda6d3ef.jpg" width=“666” height=“500”>


What a cute carrier! This other pic didn’t come through.

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Nice to meet you too Alice!

You to hope to see you at the rose. doll show

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Yes, hope to see you as well!