Doll show in Orlando info

I just found out about this? Has anyone been before? If so, what all does it consist of. Me and a couple friends are definitely going. Not as a vendor or anything. Just to be there. I’m super excited!

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I know @Vanniek talked about going to one in Florida? Not sure if it’s this same one.
I’ll have to look into it, as that’s fairly close to me ( I live in south Mississippi ).

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There are lots of big names gonna be there. Already have booths reserved. Joanna K. Macpherson’s. Jorja Pigott. LauraTuzio Ross And more.

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There are several doll shows. The big one is “Rose” which bountiful baby is involved with. It’s in Utah
The Idts is in Florida.

I went to their website, and checked it out! It’s sounds great, and I’m hoping to make it!
It’s probably the closest “big” doll show near me, even though it’s still 8-9 hours away. Fingers crossed that I get to go :grin::crossed_fingers:t2: It would be so neat to meet all the “famous” doll folks.

I think it’ll be lots of fun. I’m pretty excited :grin:

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The ROSE show is July 7th-10th in Utah. I’m planning on going to that one.


Yes, I went in 2019. :slight_smile: It was so cool!! Loved every minute of it! We lived only 1.5 hours away at the time, so it was just a day trip to Orlando. lol


I posted lots of pictures in the thread below in 2019


I’ve definitely heard of it.

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Thank you. I loved the pics. Gives me an idea of what will go on!!


Omg all those show pix! :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

I’d heard of IDTS before hearing of the Rose show since the smaller local shows I’ve been to were much less focused on reborns.

This looks like such a fun place to be overwhelmed! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I agree! I’m super excited to go!

Let’s hope it will happen in 2021.


what day will it be? :thinking: I would like to go alive in Florida

I think it said June 19 and 20. It says it somewhere if you click the link.

Thank you very much I will look for it😄

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They have been saying more normalcy end of summer to early fall so it’s a toss up right now.


Yes, I saw that they advise not to book anything that is not refundable :frowning:
Last year I’ve got back my hotel reservation minus booking fee and 100% IDTS Gala dinner reservation.
Somehow I am not optimistic about this year also.


Sometimes I wish I didn’t live in Australia…we have very little Covid or restrictions (except overseas travel) but no Doll Shows - and with no overseas travel I couldn’t get to a Doll Show in the US even if I could afford it

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