Doll missing at post office site?

I sold a doll recently to a post office box number as the address. Sent it Priority Mail with insurance and a tracking number. The tracking number listed the doll arrived at destination on March 26. Now the buyer emailed me and asked if I mailed the doll out yet. I provided her the tracking number through eBay when I sent it the morning after purchase. What happened??? Has anyone had trouble like this before?

PO box is the safest place to send; so there should not be a problem. Maybe the PO forgot to leave a card in her box. I am sure it will be fine. Although, I send all my dolls with signature required.

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I always heard to never send to P.O box???

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Why? The item gets delivered to the PO and only released to the PO box holder.

The only reason some sellers do not send to PO box is because they use couriers, who for obvious reason cannot just drop off at the PO.

I guess when this gets resolved, I’ll have the follow your advice Ludmilla and get it signed for.
Thanks for your response.

Just as Ludmilla said, PO boxes are not an option for courier services like Fed-Ex or UPS. But I have a PO Box, and I have never had a major problem with delivery through USPS or any other postal service. Have your customer inquire at the counter. The item may just be sitting there, waiting for pick-up.

She needs to take the tracking number to the PO and let them find it.

I emailed her with all the information, again, and told her that if she didn’t find the baby by Monday, that I would have my post office check on it. Hope she finds that baby.

YOU, definitely need to contact your post office, i would check the buyers also. Hopefully she’s not just saying she hasn’t received it. You just never know, DEE

Evidently my buyer doesn’t know how to follow the tracking number. She is supposed to cross from Canada to her US post office today and hopefully will find her doll. I guess I’m not used to dealing with these types of problems. One of these days, I will be an old, literally, pro at this. LOL Thanks everyone for your responses.

Your buyer has a parcel sent to a PO Box, and does not realise she has to collect it from there?!!! Lets just hope the baby is not on its way back to you because she did not collect it.