Doll Magazine

Do any of you subscribe to any doll magazines? Specifically reborn or realistic ones? I’d like to subscribe if there’s a good one.

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Also… any really good books of babies?
That shows nitty gritty Not photoshopped
Examples of faces skin nails hairlines etc?

I was hoping someone would answer back on this! Following:)

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Me too

I would go to a used bookstore and grab some Anne Geddes books. She only photographs new babies and she was doing newborn photography before anyone else.

The only doll magazine I get is Art Doll quarterly and that is because I use to write articles for them, they are mostly found art, OOAK, are dolls, and unusual dolls.

So much is on line now, magazines have taken a hard hit.


I didn’t think about magazines taking a hit due to the internet. I used to be featured in Miniature Collector and they went out of business recently. I have three huge Anne Geddes books. Great suggestion :slight_smile: they seem so perfectly airbrushed though. I was hoping for scratches and rashes lol
Close ups of hands and such. I couldn’t afford reborning when my kids were babies. Now that I can I have no life examples. Thanks!

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I do image searches on the internet all the time and I photograph friends babies and honestly it is hard to find a super mottled scratchy baby in real life too.

The only thing I do find regularly is that puffy boxer face from birth.

Once in a while a baby will have stork bites or a tiny scratch, or maybe some bruising from birth but mostly they are just perfect.

Now take a 4-6 month old and they are a hot mess! bumps and scratches (they are boo boo magnets) runny noses, little teeth coming in, hair in all kinds of falling out and growing in stages, it cracks me up.


Ahaha yes they are! Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I knew you had to be a writer of some sort @Gabriell! You always write so eloquently, I enjoy reading your responses on this forum you have a lot of good advise and input for all of us!


Not a writer just a contributor. It started off being a paid project for the magazine but they asked me to do some other stuff, it was fun.

and thank you.

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There use to be some good reborn magazines but they did not last very long. I really hated when they stopped.

Maybe someone should start an online reborn magazine?

I got super excited to do it for about 10 minutes but for the life of me can’t figure where I would find the time.

That sounds like fun, but I’d have a hard time coming up with topics to talk about.